Friday, August 30, 2019

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  Palm Warbler
(Dendroica palmarum)

The above photo was my first sighting of a Palm Warbler. This was taken at Stricker Pond. My husband and were walking around the pond when my eyes caught sight of this beauty. It wasn't nervous. In fact, it stayed there for awhile so that I could take its picture. Have you seen a Palm Warbler?

I watched this warbler as it walked down the paved path and then flew onto a cattail. It also flew from one branch to another, as you see below left. Turns out that they do this a lot. They eat mostly bugs (including a large amount of mosquitoes) but also eat a variety of seeds as well as tree/bush fruits. Like some other birds, the Palm Warbler is able to catch its food while in flight and can even hover.

Have you ever seen a bird that wobbles its tail on a regular basis? If not, this is the bird to watch out for. It is well known for bobbing its tail.

Their name comes from a palm tree in the Caribbean where palm trees grow.
The Palm Warbler is approximately 5 inches long and, when its wings are extended, they are approximately 8 inches big. They live approximately 6 years.

It was so much fun watching this Palm Warbler. The wind whipped some of its feathers as it looked to the side. I guess the air felt good.

Each time I visit the pond, I see something new. It's a wonderful place to visit.

Coming next week: learn about dragonflies.

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